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Second Opinion

The decision to have an operation on the brain or spinal cord is very difficult. If an operation is considered to be the necessary or sensible course of action, there are often different surgical approaches, each of which may have different advantages or risks.

Recommended techniques (e.g. microsurgical, or endoscopic surgery), as well as the choice of strategy (minimally invasive, radical, or staged), and safety monitoring methods (intraoperative monitoring, explanation of expanded risk, functional monitoring during the operation) may differ depending the type of surgery and plan of treatment.

Being able to offer a second opinion is a necessity that helps to ensure quality in a center of specialized treatment.
Doctors’ organizations explicitly support an additional consultation and adherence with the patient’s wishes after a second opinion has been obtained. This approach improves the likelihood of an optimal treatment and minimizes the chance of treatment gaps, mistakes, or the influence of dogmatic practices.

A second opinion provides you with a confirmation that the planned operation is sensible and that the treatment concept is consistent with current medical standards. So that you can feel secure about the optimal treatment, you will have the opportunity to receive a second opinion from an experienced specialist from another neurosurgical center.

We will be happy to advise and support you with regard to your decision about therapy. Please make an appointment for consultation in our out-patient clinic or during your appointment with Prof. Andreas Raabe.

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