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  1. Intraoperative identification of the corticospinal tract and dorsal column of the spinal cord by electrical Stimulation.
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  4. Protocol for motor and language mapping by navigated TMS in patients and healthy volunteers; workshop Report.
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  5. Letter to the Editor: Electrical activity in limb muscles after spinal cord stimulation is not specific for the corticospinal tract.
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  12. Intraoperative monopolar mapping during 5-ALA-guided resections of glioblastomas adjacent to motor eloquent areas: evaluation of resection rates and neurological outcome.
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  13. Low-threshold monopolar motor mapping for resection of lesions in motor eloquent areas in children and adolescents.
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  16. Early re-do surgery for glioblastoma is a feasible and safe strategy to achieve complete resection of enhancing Tumor.
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  17. The warning-sign hierarchy between quantitative subcortical motor mapping and continuous motor evoked potential monitoring during resection of supratentorial brain Tumors.
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  18. Gross total resection rates in contemporary glioblastoma surgery: results of an institutional protocol combining 5-aminolevulinic acid intraoperative fluorescence imaging and brain mapping.
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  20. Localization of primary language areas by arcuate fascicle fiber tracking.
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