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Out-patient clinic

Ambulatory patients are examined and treated in the out-patient clinic. Here we evaluate the disease or disorder and determine whether an out-patient treatment is appropriate. If out-patient treatment is not considered appropriate, in-patient treatment will be scheduled. In addition to the pre-operative and post-operative in-patient treatment and post-operative care and routine checks, an appointment will normally be scheduled with a referring physician.

On the day of your visit, please announce your arrival at the scheduled time at the reception of the out-patient clinic, Level B, Room 177. Please bring with you documents or information regarding the following, which you should have received from your general physician:

  • List of all medications that you are currently taking
  • Information relating to previous surgeries or serious illnesses
  • Reports and findings related to your disease or disorder
  • Any relevant X-rays or other imaging results that were not taken at the Inselspital. It is not necessary to bring images that were taken at the Inselspital.


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