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For Patients

In our opinion, international cutting-edge medicine means offering our patients state of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities with regard to treatment quality and experience.

Cutting-edge medicine and personal care are inseperable elements of our daily work. We care about each patient's individual needs, wishes and worries.

Here you'll find useful information about your in-patient hospital stay. We provide information about all procedures from admittance to discharge, and answers to frequently asked questions.

A second opinion ensures that your recommended treatment is reasonable and is in accordance with the state of the art methods.

Do you want to make an appointment in our out-patient clinic or for private consultation? Are you searching for a specialist? Here you'll find all phone numbers and contact data.

Services for International Patients

Many international patients contact the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital due to its reputation. The Insel International Center will help you to plan and organize your appointment.

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