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Personal Attendance

International cutting-edge medicine and individual care are intertwined. We aim to respond to each patient’s questions, wishes and worries with the most up-to-date methods of treatment. We want to offer treatment that is as comfortable as possible while taking into account the limitations of each patient’s condition. This goal cannot be achieved alone. It requires interaction between the patient and his/her family with the doctors and other care personnel.

Cutting-edge medicine can be measured objectively. There are standardized scales to evaluate the structural, functional and cosmetic results of various operations, and to enable comparison with other methods or working groups. Modern instruments and facilities with diagnostic and intraoperative technology can also be objectively measured and evaluated.

Individual care cannot always be measured in numbers. One priority for optimizing individual care is a good distribution of care-takers that enables a high degree of personal contact and care. Equally important is a high standard of training, experience and education of the hospital’s personnel, personal engagement, professional conduct, and sufficient personal contact with the patient. The standards of care agreed upon by the doctors and care personnel are an important part of this process. Many patients’ wishes and desires are easy to satisfy. Whether the patient desires quiet and minimal disruption, or, for the restless, an environment that will facilitate working needs, whether the patient requires help to take care of daily needs or organization of a stay in a rehabilitation facility – we will take care of you from your admittance until your discharge. The Inselspital offers a professional service department with social services, psychological care, dietary advice, and much more.

To ensure our continuing quality of care, we appreciate feedback from our patients, whether via questionnaire, spontaneous proposals, comments or criticisms. This feedback is analyzed regularly and is used to improve our services.

We value the comments that we receive from our patients and work continuously to maintain our quality of care at the highest level.

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