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Your In-Patient Hospital Stay

To make your stay at the Inselspital Bern more comfortable, on this page we provide information about some of the minor details related to your reception and treatment.

Your task

Prior to your in-patient stay at our clinic you will receive some forms to fill out. These include formalities related to your admission and optional questionnaires, which we hope you will fill out. Your answers to these questionnaires will provide us with additional medical information and will allow you to make personal requests. Space is also provided for your questions and comments. Please bring the completed forms to the Inselspital.   Directions for travelling to the Inselspital 

Prior to your admittance

If you prefer, you may fill out the patient admittance forms online, e.g. from your home. This will reduce your waiting time and ease administrative procedures. If you are not able to do an online admittance, you should come to the reception area of the main entry hall (Entrance 33).
Please refer to the instructions provided on patient information brochure, and particularly the page 28 that contains a checklist for preparation of your admission.
Please also bring your insurance card for every visit or appointment at the Inselspital.

Your reception

In most cases you will be expected to arrive one day before the planned operation. If you have completed an online admittance form then you should register by 10:15 with the administrative office of the Department of Neurosurgery: Level M, Room 144a.
You will be admitted and will be taken to your reserved room. You will then be informed of the forthcoming procedures by one of our care personnel.
If you have not completed an online admittance form, then please arrive  between 9:30 and 10:00 and go to the main information station on Level A, Entrance 33 to notify us of your arrival.

Prior to surgery

First, in collaboration with you, the care personnel will determine your needs during your stay at the Inselspital. They will discuss your previous medical treatments and will measure your vital signs. They will also inform you about the forthcoming procedures related to your operation: blood tests, examinations or imaging for neurosurgical navigation, as well as functional examinations. In most cases we will already be able to give you a date for your discharge at the time of this initial examination.
The ward physician will speak with you again about your particular condition and treatment. Your surgeon will explain the surgical procedures and describe the methods and the goals of the surgery. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. It is important to us that you are completely informed and understand all of the possible or necessary outcomes after the surgery, the progression after surgery, and any alternatives.
At about 17:00 on the day prior to surgery you will be informed of the timing of your operation. Although we do our best to keep to this schedule, in rare cases an operation must be delayed if another patient with an emergency situation requires urgent treatment.


It is important for the anesthesiologist to be informed about your health status prior to the operation. Usually you will have an appointment with an anesthesiologist prior to your surgery. If a personal appointment is not possible, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out. Please bring the completed and signed questionnaire with you to the Inselspital. At your admittance you will be given an appointment with the anesthesiologist who will assist during your operation. The anesthesiologist will provide precise information regarding the anesthetic procedures before, during and after the operation, and will explain the anesthetic procedures and any possible risks.

After the surgery

Depending upon the type of operation, your initial postoperative monitoring will take place in the central recovery room or in the intermediate care station, where you will be monitored by medical professionals. The length your postoperative monitoring is determined by the type of operation, and may last for up to 24 hours. After this postoperative monitoring period you will be able to return to the normal ward. We can tell you the expected type and length of postoperative monitoring at the time of your admission. Visits from your family are possible during the postoperative monitoring period, in such cases, please contact the responsible care personnel (+41 31 632 39 44).

During your stay in the in-patient ward

In the in-patient ward, patient monitoring is continued, although with somewhat less intrusive intervals as compared to the recovery room or intermediate care station. Medical therapy will be continued and your condition will be monitored. Most patients will be able to get out of bed and take meals on the first day after the operation. Care personnel will aid you with personal care and will evaluate your needs. There will be a daily visit from your physician, during which your treatment and possible subsequent steps will be determined.

Before your discharge

We will begin to prepare for your discharge already at the time of your admittance. This means that the care personnel will discuss your expected needs during your time in the in-patient ward. If rehabilitation or a stay in a cure center is planned, your registration will be organized by our patient counseling service. The patient counseling service is happy to assist you with additional concerns such as the organization of out-patient care (i.e. «Spitex» in Switzerland), in-home aid, as well as with questions related to insurance or other financial issues.
Normally you will have a discharge meeting with your physician on the day before your discharge, in order to discuss the most important points regarding your discharge, and to give you the opportunity to ask questions. At this meeting you will also receive any necessary discharge documents, including certificates of work disability, physician’s prescriptions for medication and other treatment materials. After your discharge your general practitioner will receive a written report with the most important information regarding your care. Normally an appointment for a follow-up check in our out-patient clinic is also made at this time.

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