Sektionstagung DGNC - Inselspital Bern - Neurochirurgie

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Neurophysiology Meeting of the DGNC

March 10th - 11th, 2017

Hot Topics:

  • IOM of Supratentorial Tumours/Skullbase Surgery
  • Navigated TMS
  • Free Topics and Live OP

Key Speakers

Prof. Dr. med. Vedran Deletis, New York:
"Muscle MEP and D Wave monitoring - from the past to the future"

Prof. Dr. med. Lorenzo Bello, Milano:
"Neurophysiological strategies in glioma surgery involving the Motor pathways - from the primary motor system to motor recognition"

Prof. Dr. med. Ulf Ziemann, Tübingen:
"TMS zur Evaluation der Exzitabilität und Plastizität des motorischen Systems - was kann es dem Neurochirurgen helfen"

Prof. Dr. med. Francesco Sala, Verona:
"Monitoring and mapping in brainstem and scull base surgery - what we have and what we miss"


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