Prof. Dr. med. Werner Z'Graggen

Médecin chef de service de soins neuro-intensifs

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«Poster Prize»: Swiss Society for Clinical Neurophysiology 2006: Repetitive spinal motor discharges following transcranial magnetic stimulation: relation to handedness; Z’Graggen WJ, Humm AM, Oppliger-Bachmann S, Hosang M, Rösler KM


«Dejerine-Dubois-Preis»: 176th Meeting of Swiss Society for Neurology 2005: Functional organization of the human primary motor cortex; Z’Graggen WJ, Bastos-Conforto A, Hess CW, Kaelin-Lang A


«Semester Preis»: Fakultät für Medizin, Universität Zürich, für Doktorarbeit: «Plasticity of Corticofugal Projections in Adult Rats by Blockade of Myelin-Associated Neurite Growth Inhibitors»

Toutes les publications

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