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For us, international cutting-edge medicine means offering our patients the most modern and best diagnostic and treatment procedures. This is what our track record stands for: the number of new developments in surgical techniques, the numerous international publications and the many patients who come to us from other regions and countries.

Through specialization in surgeries and in research, we gain experience and in-depth knowledge. Our main scientific focus is on the further development of techniques with the aim of further improving the results of brain and spine surgery.

9.0 out of 10: top marks in our patient survey
certified Brain Tumor & Spine Center
state-of-the-art surgical technologies

We are proud of the ratings we receive from our patients. Behind these numbers are a high level of professional training, personal commitment, optimized processes and plenty of time for the concerns of our patients – before, during and after an operation. In order for such comprehensive, personal and high-quality care to be possible, there needs to be a sufficiently large number of doctors and nurses per patient, coordinated standards of care and a continuous review of our care quality.

The Inselspital is a renowned hospital that has been offering outstanding conditions for medical excellence for decades. Research at Inselspital, for example, has achieved a number of significant surgical and medical successes, and the name of Inselspital is closely associated with international medical achievements and awards, including the Nobel Prize. From our hospital, it was the worldwide introduction of fluorescence angiography in vascular surgery in the brain, continuous mapping with microcurrents in brain tumor surgery, and other successful techniques that improve surgical procedures.