Outpatient Neurocenter

As part of the outpatient neurocenter, the neurosurgical polyclinic is responsible for the examination and care of patients before and after an inpatient stay.

Appointments for pre-operative examinations, post-operative examinations as well as necessary routine and follow-up controls are organized here. Appointments are usually scheduled through a referring physician.

Phone +41 31 632 20 11
Mo. bis Fr. 8.00–17.00 Uhr



You will receive a written invitation from us for your appointment at the outpatient neurocenter

Before the examination

The following should be done before your appointment:

  • Organize an interpreter if necessary (except for German, English, French, Italian)
  • Registrate via Online Check-in

On the day of the examination

Please report to the registration desk at the agreed-upon time on the day of the examination:

Outpatient Neurocenter (Neurozentrum)
Neurosurgical Polyclinic
Operationstrakt Ost, Floor B
Rosenbühlgasse 25

If the referring physician has not yet sent your medical records to us, please bring them with you to the appointment at the Outpatient Neurocenter. This includes:

  • List of all medications you are currently taking
  • Information about past surgeries or significant illnesses
  • Reports and findings related to your condition
  • Relevant X-rays or images from computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). You do not need to bring any documents for examinations conducted at Inselspital.

We also require (if available):

  • Health insurance card
  • Shunt card
  • Emergency card
  • Blood thinner card