Visitors' information

We are pleased to welcome you as a visitor to the Inselspital. Please keep to the visiting hours or consult the nursing staff in exceptional situations. We ask for your understanding if your visit has to wait while nursing care or therapies are in progress.

New Anna-Seiler-Haus

New main entrance

From September 18, 2023, the new main entrance of Inselspital will be located on the first floor of the Anna-Seiler-Haus at Freiburgstrasse 20, next to the old bed tower.

From this date, the main reception will also be located there. The previous reception in the old ward block will no longer be serviced after the opening of the Anna-Seiler-Haus.

Patient information
Phone +41 31 632 21 11

Neurosurgical ward/ ward secretary's office
Floor K 001
Tel. +41 31 632 24 75

Neurosurgical ward

Multi-bed room: 13.00-20.00 hrs

Single room: 10.00-21.00 hrs

Visiting hours in the evening should always be observed for safety reasons. The doors are closed from 9.00 pm. The emergency entrance on floor C serves as the night exit.
If you come as a group, the various restaurants and cafés of the Inselspital are often more suitable for your get-together than the patient room.

Neurosurgical ward, Anna-Seiler-Haus,
Freiburgstrasse 20, Floor K

Intermediate care and intensive care units

Visiting hours for the intermediate and intensive care wards (Neuro Intermediate Care or Neuro-IMC, Intensive Care, Central Recovery Room) may be visiting hours may be restricted depending on the patient's condition. Only the close relatives have access to these wards.

Information on the health status of your relative can be obtained from the responsible physician at any time. Please ask at the front office of the intensive care unit who your contact person is.

Phone +41 31 632 53 00

For hygienic reasons, please do not bring flower gifts to the monitoring and intensive care wards.

Intermediate care unit (IMC)

Anna-Seiler-Haus, Freiburgstrasse 20, Floor E, Zones 1 and 2

Intensive care unit

Intensiv-, Notfall- und Operationszentrum (INO), Floor E, Rosenbühlgasse 27, 3010 Bern

Central recovery room

Intensiv-, Notfall- und Operationszentrum (INO), Floor D, Rosenbühlgasse 27, 3010 Bern