Why is research so important?

New technologies in the operating room

Intraoperative technologies shape modern neurosurgery. The precision and safety currently possible in neurosurgical operations, as well as the technical possibilities to look inside a patient's head or spine and make the invisible visible, are achievements that have only been made possible by technological developments.

No other surgical specialty operates with the microsurgical precision of 0.1 mm in close proximity to vital centers. With the 20x magnification of the surgical microscope, neurosurgeons can see structures as small as 0.005 mm when operating. Until now, a major problem was that the neurosurgeon could not see exactly where specific functions were located in the brain. Brain tumors are difficult to detect intraoperatively and are difficult to differentiate from normal brain tissue. Functionally important areas remained invisible and blood flow could not be assessed. Without the use of additional innovative technologies, dangerous operations remain dangerous - even with the greatest experience.

This has changed with new technological developments. Operations on the brain and spinal cord can now be performed under GPS and function monitoring. This allows the surgical outcome to be monitored while the operation is still in progress, and the surgeon can respond immediately to warning signs from intraoperative monitoring. Together with scientists at the University of Bern and international colleagues, we are conducting research to further improve the safety and precision of brain and spinal cord surgery.

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