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Medical Documentation Specialist

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  1. Schär R, Fiechter M, Z'Graggen W, Söll N, Krejci V, Raabe A, Beck J. ‌No Routine Postoperative Head CT following Elective Craniotomy--A Paradigm Shift? PLoS One. 2016 Apr 14;11(4):e0153499.
  2. Häni L, Ropelato M, Wagner F, Nowacki A, Söll N, Hänggi M, Raabe A, Z'Graggen W. ‌Individualized Brain Tissue Oxygen-Monitoring Probe Placement Helps to Guide Therapy and Optimizes Outcome in Neurocritical Care Neurocrit Care . 2020 Dec 16.
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